The Fourteen Stations Of The Cross Project was commissioned by the national Episcopal Church, USA, for its 2003 General Convention. It has subsequently been installed at sites throughout the country: St. Mark’s Cathedral, Minneapolis, Minnesota; St. Peter’s Church, Sheridan, Wyoming; St. James’ Church, Salt lake City, Utah; Church of Our Savior, San Gabriel, California; and Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio.

Photography by Rik Sferra, copyright 2004.


Station One – Jesus Is Condemned To Death
a jury box, iron and scorched corporals, television sets, CD players


Station Two – Jesus Takes Up His Cross
a table setting with cautionary covering, bones ensnared in traps at each place, chairs on different height stands



Station Three – Jesus Falls The First Time
turtle shells, smashed watches, steel vices



Station Four – Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother
cameras on tripods, 35mm film, children’s books


Station Five – The Cross Is laid On Simon Of Cyrene
a child’s fire engine crushed and a model home in flames


Station Six – A Woman Wipes The Face Of Jesus
a silk handkerchief, blue Morpho butterfly, block and tackle, urn and a steel tower


Station Seven – Jesus Falls A Second Time
shrouded figures, a ceramic tile floor and a painted giraffe


Station Eight – Jesus Meets The Women Of Jerusalem
ironing boards and irons, white shifts, women’s portraits, Stars of David


Station Nine – Jesus Falls A Third Time
cocktail glasses, Koran pages, furniture piece, girl’s mannequin


Station Ten – Jesus Is Stripped Of His Garments
a photo fronted with crisp white shirts displaying bullet holes and flags


Station Eleven – Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross
school chairs, scales, ropes, television sets, pulley wheel, platform


Stations Twelve – Jesus Dies On The Cross
religious paintings in a wheelbarrow and a steel ladder

Station Thirteen – The Body Of Jesus Is Placed In The Arms Of His Mother
photo faced with fluffed hotel pillows


Station Fourteen – Jesus Is Laid In The Tomb
a photo, paten and chalice, scorched corporal, metal altar, suitcases