Water Fall was sited on an irregularly shaped pond 75’ wide and 155’ long. It is the watering hole for herds of Black Angus cattle and horses and a breeding environment for frogs. Within this pond an inner pond was created by floating 2” by 2” eyebolt and screw connected spindles, anchored to the pond bottom to prevent movement. This wooden inner “shoreline” was used to contain nearly 1500 16 ounce plastic bottles that were filled with dyed water to mirror fall colors. All of the bottles were upended, with an air pocket created, and weighted with marble chips. When the seasons changed from summer to fall, leaves that fell on the pond mirrored the autumnal colors in the bottles. Because of the movement of the wind and waves, the bottles were continuously dispersed throughout the pond.

Located on the pond at Saunder’s Farm, Garrison, New York. A project of Collaborative Concepts 2009.