The Fourteen Stations of the Cross

The Fourteen Stations Of The Cross Project was commissioned by the national Episcopal Church, USA, for its 2003 General Convention. It has subsequently been installed at sites throughout the country: St. Mark’s Cathedral, Minneapolis, Minnesota; St. Peter’s Church, Sheridan, Wyoming; St. James’ Church, Salt lake City, Utah; Church of Our Savior, San Gabriel, California; and Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio.

Photography by Rik Sferra, copyright 2004.


Station One – Jesus Is Condemned To Death
a jury box, iron and scorched corporals, television sets, CD players


Station Two – Jesus Takes Up His Cross
a table setting with cautionary covering, bones ensnared in traps at each place, chairs on different height stands



Station Three – Jesus Falls The First Time
turtle shells, smashed watches, steel vices



Station Four – Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother
cameras on tripods, 35mm film, children’s books


Station Five – The Cross Is laid On Simon Of Cyrene
a child’s fire engine crushed and a model home in flames


Station Six – A Woman Wipes The Face Of Jesus
a silk handkerchief, blue Morpho butterfly, block and tackle, urn and a steel tower


Station Seven – Jesus Falls A Second Time
shrouded figures, a ceramic tile floor and a painted giraffe


Station Eight – Jesus Meets The Women Of Jerusalem
ironing boards and irons, white shifts, women’s portraits, Stars of David


Station Nine – Jesus Falls A Third Time
cocktail glasses, Koran pages, furniture piece, girl’s mannequin


Station Ten – Jesus Is Stripped Of His Garments
a photo fronted with crisp white shirts displaying bullet holes and flags


Station Eleven – Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross
school chairs, scales, ropes, television sets, pulley wheel, platform


Stations Twelve – Jesus Dies On The Cross
religious paintings in a wheelbarrow and a steel ladder

Station Thirteen – The Body Of Jesus Is Placed In The Arms Of His Mother
photo faced with fluffed hotel pillows


Station Fourteen – Jesus Is Laid In The Tomb
a photo, paten and chalice, scorched corporal, metal altar, suitcases